You don't need the pesticides in grocery veggies!

Many people unknowingly consume pesticides on a daily basis. "If
you analyse the fruit and vegetables we eat, they're full of
chemicals," says Serge Przedborski of Columbia University in New
York, US. He adds that traces found in foods accumulate over a
lifetime to potentially harmful levels.

In 2006 the
Annals of Neurology reported a study of more than
140,000 people that showed Exposure to pesticides - even at
relatively low levels - may increase an individual's risk of
developing Parkinson's disease by 70%. Alberto Ascherio of the
Harvard School of Public Health in Boston suggests that
non-farmers may have encountered pesticides while gardening.
background for vitamin chart
a wide variety of salad lettuce is easy to grow and tasty
spring salad and pea supports waiting for the peas to grow
Squash in raised bed made using rocks
Vitamin A     5000 IU
Vitamin C       300 mg
Vitamin D     2000 IU
Vitamin E       100 IU
Vitamin K       30 mcg
Thiamin/B1     50 mg
Riboflavin/B2  10 mg
Niacin/B3         50 mg
Vitamin B6       50 mg
Folate           ~ ~ ~ ~

Calcium            35 mg
Iron              ~ ~ ~ ~
Magnesium   ~ ~ ~ ~
Potassium     ~ ~ ~ ~
Zinc                 30 mg

Quercetin       100 mg
Co - Q10        100 mg

Betaine         ~ ~ ~ ~

Omega 3
Fatty Acids
~ ~ ~ ~

Protein         ~ ~ ~ ~
background for raised bed instructions
a white, cottage inspired raised bed you can put anywhere

My raised beds

July 20, 2010 ~ My raised beds are easy to weed because of their
extra height...
Burpee.com - Garden HP Image
Raised beds changed my garden forever. So much easier to weed!
This barren corner of my garden needed transformation
December 4, 2010 - Spring! In the depth of winter when I'm
looking at seeds and planning my garden, it feels like spring.

This year, because I have my full spectrum lights shining on my
avocados, I'm going to try planting some seeds around the edges
of the huge avocado pots and covering the seeds with small, round
plastic food containers (I'm imitating my Parks Bio Dome seed
starters which work wonderfully but have been eased out by my
huge avocado pots).
October 15, 2011 - Planting seeds around my avocados and
covering the seeds with clear plastic containers did NOT work as
well as Park Bio Domes. It was much harder to keep the soil moist
enough for seeds when avocados do not like their soil to be very
Mycorrihizai... they say it's an important part of the soil and that a
lot of soil lacks the amounts necessary for the best plant growth. In
watching a video I was astonished at how similar the plants grown
without adding Mycorrihizai were to mine... so, I ordered. Root
growth improved, it seemed. But when I did a test planting of one
pot with and one pot without, the without did much better. It could
be because I put Mycorrihizai in one of my composters and I added
that compost to the pot that did so much better.

Gardening ~for vitamins and beauty

decorative self watering pots in vibrant colors
Beautiful and not as heavy
as clay. I used to love clay
pots, but they are always
breaking on me. So, I'm a
convert to this new era of
planters. Be advised, you do
have to remember to fill the
Gardener's Supply Company
Put your vegetable garden
without having to
dig heavy soil. To fill my
cedar raised bed, I bought
top soil and mushroom
compost (which is totally
beautiful) from Home Depot.

Don't you want to have
beautiful, healthy vegetables
to eat...????

It turns out the mushroom
compost appeared to be
deadly to some kinds of
Great article on it!
The avocado I ordered on Amazon dwarfed my Don Gillogly

Less Nutrition Today In Grocery Fruit and Veg

In 2004, a University of Texas research team headed by biochemist
Donald Davis, Ph.D., found nutritional declines in protein, calcium,
phosphorus, iron, riboflavin and ascorbic acid in plants. The
declines ranged from 6 percent less for protein to 38 percent for
Weeper hose totally changed my garden

Single Thing Making MOST Difference ~

I guess that when I watered by hand I got bored and moved on too
quickly, because now that I no longer spray water through the air
and use this weeper hose my garden is looking dramatically
The little avocado is my Don Gillogly, which I've
had for about three years. Last summer it didn't
get enough water. The tall avocado is a Little
Cado I ordered from Amazon. It died. I think the
Mushroom Compost I bought from Home Depot
may have had RoundUp in it: I put the
Mushroom Compost in, it appeared poisoned,
and died. So, from now on I'm going to try to
make more of my own compost.

This article on
mushroom compost is great!
When I was a child Spring
came when the Burpee
Seed Catalog arrived and
my grandfather began
poring through it. There
were so many beautiful
choices, all promising to
be taste treats. And, treats
they were!

NO GMOs at Burpee!
352 IU
1 mg
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
8.2 mcg
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
1.8 mcg

1.7 mg
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
0.6 mg
9.2 mg       
~ ~ ~ ~ ~   
1.9 mg       
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2.8 mg

0.1 g
Multivitamin...........   1 Lettuce leaf....Kale 1 cup...  Tomato 1 cup..  Celery 3 stalks
    cooked              cooked              120 grams
17,709 IU
53.3 mg
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
1.1 mg
1062 mcg
0.1 mcg
0.1 mcg
0.6 mg
0.2 mcg
16.9 mcg

93.6 mg
1.2 mg
23.4 mg
296  mg
0.3 mg

4.5 mg
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

0.4 mg

134 mg

2.5 g
1,174 IU
54.7 mg
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
1.3 mg
6.7 mcg
0.1 mg
0.1 mg
1.3 mg
0.2 mg
31.2 mcg

26.4 mg
1.6 mg
21.6 mg
523  mg
0.3 mg

4.12 mg
0.9 mg

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

4.8 mg

2.3 g
494 IU
3.4 mg
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
0.3 mg
32.2 mcg
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
0.1 mg
0.4 mg
0.1 mg
39.6 mcg

44.0 mg
0.2 mg
12.1 mg
286 mg
0.1 mg

.1 mg

0.1 mg

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

0.8 g

Multivitamin vs. Garden Veggies

Shop Burpee.com for Lettuce
Gardener's Supply Company
American Meadows - Regional Seed Packets! Low Prices, Fast Shipping!
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Your fingernails reflect your health --
Learn some warning signs --
    Karen Kline
So, if easier to reach weeds and
veggies appeal to you, here's how I
made my raised beds.

1. I dug up, enriched, and surrounded
with small stones an oval in the
scorched, angular corner of my garden.
(See how dry looking it was? And,
that's about as good as it ever looked.)
Though, the area in the foreground
eventually sported sunflowers and
straggly corn. But it never looked as
good as the raised bed.
2. Because plants thrive on water conserved by rocks I wanted a raised bed using big
rocks, but hiring help to move them was going to be costly. So, a raised bed was out of
the question... until I found a hand truck that can handle 250 lbs. And, it folds up for
storage. Basically, I rolled a big rock onto it, then strolled the rock to the place I wanted it
to be in my raised bed.

3. When I didn't have quite enough rocks, I built a couple of large plastic pots into the bed.

4. I leveled the top, somewhat, by putting stones and clay on the ground where I wanted a
particular rock. It was easy to roll a rock up on top of the clay -- But, overall I kept it to one
rock a day. (I'm still recovering from tetanus, and overdoing things sets me back.)

5. I mixed bark chips, compost and top soil in my shady corner and carted it to the finished
From Wasteland to Beautiful ~ How I transformed my back yard

Wildlife in my Garden
American Meadows - Fall Bulbs! Low Prices, Fast Shipping!

Health Boundaries Bite
tomatoes on one of my vines
7/10/13 ~ I picked the two red
tomatoes yesterday. They were
even redder when I picked them.

The tomatoes, Egyptian onion
tops, a small sage leaf, Indian
Spinach and celery from my
garden made dinner SO GOOD!

I HIGHLY recommend gardening
for flavor as well as vitamins!
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Though not as spectacularly tasty as the 4th of July tomatoes above,
my golden orange Solar Power tomatoes are my FAV. Sadly they hide
beneath leaves, avoiding having their picture taken. I like their thick flesh,
thin skins and larger size than the 4th of July tomatoes, not to mention ~
they have a lot more beta carotene.

Nitrogen fixing peas

9/1/13 ~ Here's an update on the
advantages of spring salad in a
pot. Turns out the peas, that's
the plants with leaves like the
one crossing the white pea
support at front, put a lot of
nitrogen in the soil, they're called
"nitrogen fixing" for that reason.

A tomato growing in the pot as
the next crop flourished whereas
last year the tomatoes in the
same pot, but without peas

preceding them, struggled and never got roots deep enough to draw up water from the

This year the tomato appears to have achieved much deeper root penetration
because each day it empties the 24" Fiskars pot tray of water, and it's never wilted.
My guess is that its superior vigor reflects the additional nitrogen.

Next spring I'm going to plant peas in all my huge Fiskars pots.
Collards or Spring Greens
Collards or Spring Greens ~ When I
lived in London I LOVED spring
greens, I didn't know they're called
collards here in the U.S.

1 cup chopped ~~ 357 mg calcium
                      38 mg magnesium
                    220 mg potassium
                        4 grams protein
1 cup milk ~~ 300 mg calcium
Curly leaf kale
Kale ~
Kale is a curly leafed, fast growing
vegetable. I like Russian kale with its
red mid vein, but maybe it doesn't have
as much calcium as other kinds.

1 cup chopped ~~ 170 mg calcium
                      23 mg magnesium
                    296 mg potassium
                        3 grams protein
1 cup milk ~~ 300 mg calcium

More calcium in vegetables is usable

With kale and other vegetables your body can use/absorb 50%
to 70% of the calcium. It can use only 30% of the calcium in
milk. Run the numbers and with kale you get about 107 mg of
calcium, while with milk you get 91mg. Kale wins!

The other thing with calcium is that your body needs vitamin D
in order to use calcium. 30 minutes in the sun, without
sunscreen, does the trick. If you are using
astaxanthin, you'll
not get burned and not have to screen from the sun.

Milk comes fortified with D, but apparently not enough given
that sun screen use and vitamin D deficiency go hand in hand.
Turnips and turnip greens
Turnip Green ~
Again, Easy to grow. Plus, since you
can pick greens from different plants
they last a long time. And, in the end
you can eat the turnip, too.

1 cup chopped ~~ 105 mg
                      32 mg magnesium
                     292 mg potassium
                        2 grams protein
1 cup milk ~~ 300 mg calcium
Arugula ~
Grows like a wonderful, peppery weed.
It will come up year after year if you let it
go to seed and give it water.

1 cup chopped ~~ 32 mg calcium
                     90 mg magnesium
                     74 mg potassium
                     .01 gram protein
1 cup milk ~~ 300 mg calcium   
Broccoli Rabe or Rapini ~
When full grown, Rapini's spiked leaves
surround clusters of green buds that
resemble small heads of broccoli..

1 cup chopped ~~ 516 mg calcium
                    118 mg magnesium
                  1499 mg potassium
                       17 grams protein
1 cup milk ~~ 300 mg calcium
Broccoli, Rabe or Rapini
Ripe Tomatoes ~
Tomatoes are so much fun to grow. I
love growing cherry tomatoes because I
can pop them into things without much
chopping. I also grow brandywine.

Tomatoes are great in salads,
sandwiches, soups, and on pasta. Yum!

1 cup chopped ~~ 26 mg calcium
                    22 mg magnesium
                    523 mg potassium
                        1 gram protein   
1 cup tomato paste ~~ 90 mg calcium
1 cup milk ~~ 300 mg calcium
Ripe Tomatoes
Lambs Quarters ~
On my first visit to Las Vegas, NM an
American Indian pointed out "Indian
Spinach." He said I should know it. It's
tasty  and common. You most likely
have some growing in your yard.

1 cup cooked ~~  464 mg calcium
                     41 mg magnesium
                    518 mg potassium
                    6 grams protein
1 cup milk ~~ 300 mg calcium
Lamb's Quarters, also known as Indian Spinach

No room for a cow ? ? ? No worries ~ No need ! ! !

Check out the calcium in these vegetables compared to the calcium in a
cup of milk. And, since we need magnesium in order to make the best use
of calcium ~ after all we don't want calcium used for headaches or bone
spurs, vegetables are a superior source.
Zucchini ~
Huge, eye catching flowers are followed
by rapidly maturing squash. Picked
small they're called courgettes.

1 cup cooked ~~  23 mg calcium
                    40 mg magnesium
                   455 mg potassium
                      1 gram protein
1 cup milk ~~ 300 mg calcium